Extract from Mum, I’m in the fourth dimension, see!


When we leave the boundaries of our flesh, bones, biomechanical instincts, and homes

What will be left over?

It’s in our nature, naturally.

Whats nature given you except testosterone and flimsy bones

new ways to turn old stones and

t-shirt clones with muzzled moans.

Gender is a construction site. So many slow men.

A queue, an aisle, a 1D trail from freedom to bile

You put the end in gender, baby

You’re queerer than Years and Years, darling

Have you heard of perfume genius, sweetie?  

Trust your gut

Pick a nice natural neutral, normal, beige  

Enter drugstore eugenics age

Offer the world then take the wage.

Unfiltered rage plus apologist news

Invite an expert plus some white shirt’s views

Call it net neutrality, sanitary sanity.

Biocide? Only if I can be by your side

I’m just a slab of meat looking for something real  

Meat-death? - meet the inevitable Heat death of the universe   

The cloud? I guess you’ve got to do something with all that rainwater  

Automation? I repli-can't be bothered

Abundance? I’m alright thanks I had one earlier.

Hope? Well I guess it's something to do with all that newfound free time

Everyone is saying these days, that everyone is saying these days  

that it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.

How many backups have you got?

I’m backed up against a wall, back in touch with a previous model,

Backed up all the way to 2009.

Bandwagon? More like a runaway train

Hope it hurts when it smashes off the rails of your bitter boundaries

*toot toot* - All aboard the gender train

Sorry love this carriage is full, even Jezza’s sitting on it.

Who is this masked bandit? The thelma and louise of drag

Got Sent home coz ive got imposter syndrome

You can do ANYTHING so do it now!

Explicit exploitation is inefficient

Convince yourself it’s a service

It's not all about you freedom is social

I can't do it all by myself.

Free choice is being stuck inside a build a bear workshop

with one way plexiglass walls

Enter the Panopticon!

How’d I get here?

In a maze of networked social disattention and Ambient anxiety

Burn the fucking comments section

The sum total of all the pointless fires in history

All the fragile victims in the house say heeeeeeeey!

I only buy off the rack, average, scorched around the edges, stale and bitter.

Counterproductive, unconstructive, anti-criticism cynicism,

Because you’re not worth it, but you probably deserve it.  

Don’t settle for second-rate, only accept the diabolical, unrelatable, and incomprehensible

The greater of many evils.

Be your worst self

Fuck it up, sack it off, chicken out, burn the bridge, don’t brush your teeth, leave your shoes on and for fucks sake, slam the door on your way out.

Coz you were right all along - it is someone else’s fault and there’s probably nout you can do about it anyway

What is the ecological pronoun?

Who are we? - Who is we?

And the nominee for oh-gee the jokes on me

Is everybody, nobody.

Biological freedom is coming

Infect all attempts at purity

Contaminate universality,

Spill the volatili-T

Mum, I’m in the 4th dimension, see?

So - nature or nurture?  

I learnt to suck dick the hard way

Change the channel, dear.

Natur-wissen-shaft em all

I can feel the algo-rhythm of your heart, honey

You can slide down my iron curtain, sweetheart

Sign my little red fuck, comrade

Cover me in your digital solution.  

PUSH THE BUTTON I fucking double dare you

Yeah, edge us to oblivion

It’s a post-capitalist wet dream

Count the nocturnal emissions - I’m going nuclear

We’re just Bacteria with spaceships and bb-cream

Clawing through soft wax, fat, unseen -

Picking at a lesion on the hydra of multi-headed catastrophe

Yes, this is the future us corporeal beings want,

Artificial in-belligerence

And reality-based community,

Growth hormones in our feeds

And a lukewarm warning to heed.

Mum, I’m in the fourth dimension, see! | The Place, Thurs 28 Feb 19